What We Do

Unit Logistics provides transport and logistics solutions focussed around a new approach to labour utilisation.

Ever tried rowing a boat in two directions at once? This is what happens in the traditional logistics model every day.

Providers search for efficiency in systems and processes, yet staff are remunerated by the hour, essentially, the longer the task takes the more they earn.

So, what happens when you’re rowing in opposite directions? You try to coerce the other side of the boat to row in your direction by creating burdensome performance management systems and KPIs, handing out vouchers for employee of the month that benefits 1 team member out of many, etc. All of this takes time, effort and management, which translates to cost to the customer.

What if everyone rowed in the same direction, all the time? Piece work agreements are legitimate remuneration functions, outlined in most major awards. Under piece work agreements, the whole team is empowered and incentivised to get more work done in less time.

These agreements are backed by award rates and no team member is ever paid under the award rate. Being backed by award rates also means that pay rates are not driven by long-standing, inflated cost enterprise agreements. This can represent an immediate saving to Unit customers, even before delivering higher output.

Further to efficiency gains through labour functions, Unit Logistics can operate on customer controlled sites with customer controlled MHE, facilities and systems to enable the highest level of visibility, control and cost saving for the customer.

Alternatively, if you’re wanting to focus your efforts on core business, you can leave the whole operation up to us! Unit can assist in project management of your transition to a new site, taking over operations of your existing site or any other changes on your logistics horizon.

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